Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't burst my bubble..

So i had a little time on my hands..so i decided to do a little shopping to have some "me" time. Unfortunately when i decided to have "me" time, my nanny called and wanted to have lunch...so i agreed and then when she knew that i was going shopping, she wanted to tag along... so much for "me" time...
Has that ever happened to you...where someone else ends spending your "me" time with you? Ugh! For those of you that have children..or a husband...you get me....sometimes you just want a little ...and i mean little..."me" time....maybe i can try again  this coming weekend...

Sunnies (Marc Jacob), Shoes (Tory Burch), Bag (Alexander Wang), Dress (discovery- no name)

Yes, i am blowing bubbles...


  1. Love that Wang bag! So amazing!


  2. Beautiful bag!! Black is chic...you look great! kisse

    Boîte à Nana

  3. @Marissa- I love your bag in your recent post as well...thanks!
    @Nana- Your white dress in the recent post is lovely!
    @Koltunovskaya- your blue dress is very pretty, and i love the back drops in your photos!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!!!

  4. I have a similar dress I bought from Forever 21. It's such a cute and comfy dress. AND I'm soooo hatin' on your Rocco....oh man oh man I wanted that bag. Missed out on two occasions to have it. SMH!


  5. @Shanequa- Thanks...it is sooo comfy! Next time...don't pass it up, i love this bag...i'll have it forever!!!!