Sunday, August 28, 2011

Running around town

So this week was a major busy!!! But fun... Thursday went to Ravina to see the Gypsy Kings with one of my best buddies Y. Then Sat we went downtown for brunch and shopping with family from out of town...two parties then back downtown for drinks to end the evening. Finally on Sunday one last party to attend...Phew i am tired!!! I had a ton of fun...while i was actually at the places in question...not so much fun being in the car...driving around to all of these venues...
Now let's see what this week will bring...
Cake Pops to die for!!!

For the all white party

I cheated and didn't wear white shoes....I don't like white shoes on me... (Micheal Kors)

Me being silly...White Pants (the Limited), Shirt (Michael Kors)


  1. That couch is FABULOUS!!! OMG! I'm following!!


  2. @Dazzeled and Fab- Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for following!!