Saturday, April 28, 2012

OOPs i did it again!

Went on a little shopping spree.. Thought i would share all the lovely things i found, and can't wait to wear...Let me know your thoughts and how you may pair these...

Black suede Christian Louboutin

Rust Peep toe Christian Louboutin

Black gucci  saddle bit  wicker wedge

The Limited pink sheer blouse

The Limited white sheer blouse

The Limited Salmon pencil skirt

The Limited Lemon pencil skirt

The Limited Mint green pencil skirt

Sunday, April 22, 2012

All Saints

Ran into All Saints a few days ago and what a sight to see. I love all things sparkling. Such a pretty i have to find a wonderful place to wear this to. The dress is the shoe stopper, so all the accessories must be minimal. Let the dress...shine!!! WHat do you think?

ALL Saints

Birthday Brunch

A few Sunday's ago i went to RL (Ralph Lauren, the restaurant) for brunch for my friend Y's birthday. I will tell you i had the best egg's benedict i have ever had. Instead of an english muffin it was a potato pancake with smoked salmon on top, then the poached eggs...this was amazing. As her birthday present i bought her a dozen macaroons from one of her favorite places...Vanille, along with a movie gift card. What a wonderful brunch.

Happy Birthday Brunch for Y

Glitter loafers

So as i was out and about last week i ran into these lovely glitter loafers.. at Top Shop. I didn't buy them, but i think they are super cute...not sure how comfortable they are...but hey, my heels are not always comfortable either..LOL. What do you think if thee? I would love your opinion..

Glitter Loafers (Top Shop)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Easter morning i did a little bit of running always, then proceeded to go to church with Alex and finally meet up with my mother and nephew for brunch downtown. I was very excited to try a new brunch place that one of my colleagues told about. It is over looking the Chicago River, so i imagine that the views are breath taking and the food should be wonderful as well....hummmm
Not so much. The restaurant itself was beautiful and sitting along the river was very nice, however the food was not so all. I mean for it it be would expect more than one breakfast item? Right?? Brunch consisted of; eggs with cheese (i don't eat dairy), yogurt (i don't eat dairy), fruit bowel, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, ham (i don't eat meat), prime rib (i don't eat meat), crab cake (it was hard), sautéed squash, and two types of salad (Caesar and mixed greens)...and for the price per person..i was highly disappointed. I never complain...but i had to call the restaurant the next day and let them disappointed i was...the only saving grace, was the waiter was excellent...

All and all i was a nice Easter..just not a good meal....
How was your Easter???

Dress (Calvin Klein)

Blazer (The Limited), Bag (American Apparel)

Shoes (Guess)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The woman that lived in her shoes....

SO i decided that the section of my closet with my heels needed to be re-evaluated. By re-evaluated, i mean i need to see what i have and if i really want to keep it all. So i began my little task...and low and behold i realized i have a ton of heels!!!! So i figured i have to get rid of some of them to make room for all the NEW summer heels that i will want. Funny thing while going through my shoes, Alex came across a brand new pair of shoes, but in the contained 2 right shoes!!!! Yes you heard me correctly....2 right shoes. I am so bummed because these are summer shoes that i couldn't wait to wear...but now i have to take them back...and hope they shave the left shoe...

However, i got rid of 30 pair of heels today!!!! Feels good, i have more space in the closet!!!
Hope everyone enjoyed their Sat...

My sea of shoes...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's cold again

The weather here in Chicago has change..yet again. We went from 75 degrees to 50 degrees all in one day. This doesn't make it easy to dress for. Of course i have been working long hours that even by the time I get out of work i have missed all of the lovely weather. I am sooooo looking forward to springlike temperatures...hummmmm who am i kidding....summer temps is more to my liking.
Shirt, Jeans and Blazer (The Limited)

Shoes (Report)

Scarf (Anne Taylor)

My tulips are blooming...Spring is coming!!!!