Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Here!!!

Remember i mentioned that my darling hubby bought me an Alexander Wang Rocco bag for my birthday...well it has arrived! This is a bag that i feel in love with at first sight...really. I saw this bag in Feb and fell instantly in love, too bad it happened to be on the day i was shopping in Barneys for my hubby's bday I instantly came home and told him of the most glorious bag that i had to have. Well he remembered (and i am sure it had nothing to do with the ipod picture that my daughter had of the bag to show him at any given time...)

Check it out and let me know your thoughts....Do you have anything that instantly fell in love with????

Alexander Wang Rocco (handbag)

The bag is heavy...even when it's empty!

Shoes (BCBG)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Ok- i did it again, i have neglected my blog due to my busy/hectic (in a good way) schedule. I am soooo sorry! Like i said before i have been working out and i haven't gotten the hang of taking the pictures in the morning before i rush off to work... also my photographer (Alex) was gone for a week.

So enough excuses...I want to tell you all about what i have been up to... I run on Mondays and the ipod (such a great thing), Tuesdays i do a class called treadit (where you run on the treadmill up and down hills (brutal), Wed i rest, Thursday- spinning class (my bum still hurts..i had to buy padded shorts), Friday- Tabata...looks easy but my legs feel it for at least 2 days after....

I am really loving the work routine i have gotten  energy is way up and i feel great! Well all i have an early...i mean early day tomorrow (6:45 am) i am off to bed. Have a wonderful night.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Fun!

This past Friday i celebrated my birthday with family and friends. I am usually one to keep my birthday very ...i mean very low key. But my daughter decided to plan something special for me! It was such a great weekend...i have to admit i have such wonderful friends and a great family!!! Friday (my actual birthday) my daughter took me to the movies to se Harry Potter with my nephew. (there is history behind nephew is 17.... about to turn 18 and go off to college ad this has been the 1 thing that the 3 of us have done ...just us three for the past 12 yrs of Harry Potter) so this was very special that they still wanted to do do it...just us 3! Then it was off for dinner...I didn't pay for a thing...between my nephew and daughter they took care of EVERYTHING!!!! It was great! Secondly the next day...i met up with my Bestie and we saw Jennifer Hudson perform at an outdoor venue...with Champagne and oreo rice krispie treats..yes you heard me right..oreo. I don't eat sugar..but i made and exception for that...YUM! It was also great because my mother joined in the festivities. Finally today, my Mr. Big surprised me with a purse i have dying for..the Rocco alexander wang bag in black of course! (pictures to come soon) Which made for the finale of brunch with an old friend and a dozen and a half of roses! Not bad for a birthday i say...

Oh and by the way i bought a bag for a present to me! The miu miu top handle bag in off white...take a look.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Today we had a massive storm in Chicago....Needless to say i had to run from the house to the garage to keep my hair from curling But the storm came very fast and quickly went is back to 88 degrees outside and humid! I love being able to drive down lakeshore drive and watch the sun set and have the windows open....ahhhhhh such a wonderful way to begin the week.

The beautiful sunset

Shoes (Lamb)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


This weekend my husband and i celebrated our anniversary. It was such a great great i didn't get a photo :-( But i can tell you he took me back to our favorite restaurant RL. This is the same place we got engaged at, and it was wonderful...we even took the same long walk and had a little coconut gelato. So instead i have added a photo from today. Decided to take Alex to brunch before we head back to work for the week...Hope everyone is enjoying the sun is a gorgeous day in Chicago!
Dress (H&M)

Shoes (Prada)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A touch of Color

Yesterday was  a here in Chicago! I mean really hot. But i am not one to complain, i would rather have it hot than cold any day! But this was soooo hot that i was dripping sweat at one point in time, that all my daughter and i could do was laugh. As she took my picture, i am making the silliest faces, because i felt like i was melting. WHile Alex took a dip in th pool i spent the day at a bridal show...And to top it off, my hair dresser decided to blow dry my hair straight...let's see how long this will last...
Slowly melting...

Let's play with Patches and pretend it's cooler...

A little pop of color

Alex is cooling off!