Monday, January 30, 2012

Bag it!

My new everyday bag! (zara en espana)
I have been eyeing this bag at the Zara here in downtown Chicago for a while now...It took my assistant to go all the way to Spain and find it...and on sale for me to actually have it. It is so lovely and even has a shoulder strap! What a great bag...

Sunday lunch

Lunch from Native Foods Cafe! Yummy!
In my continued quest for most things healthy....
Even a slice of vegan cheesecake...for the OH sooo sweet ending to a wonderful meal

Friday, January 20, 2012

A little GOLD

I got this lovely charm from one of my besties...Y. I have been trying to find the right thing to put it one. I feel it is too precious to be on a wanted to find the right chain for i found this is not the exact one i want...but it will do for now...still on the hunt!
Tell me what you think..

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I went a little overboard......

So, my little problem is ...SHOES!!!!! I love accessories and shoes are apart of that group. So i went for a little stroll in the cold to see what shoes i could find. Low and behold i found A LOT! I am currently trying to tone up a little and possibly lose a few pounds so i wont let myself buy any clothes..just yet, so i have to amuse myself with other things... Take a look at my new lovelies and tell me your thoughts...

Zara cap toe...LOVE this!

Sam Edelma- HOT!!!

Boutique 9-very comfortable, can't wait for warm weather

Boutique 9- love this heel

Report- funky shoe

Found this bag at Franchesca's

Sunday breakfast

Happy Sunday! I have decided t mix it up a little and combine the two things i and fashion. So every Sunday i will post something related to food. Being a lover of food and trying to keep it healthy ..but tasty can cause you to be in the kitchen a lot..I mane ..a lot! Bit for me, cooking is very relaxing, it's just like putting together a GREAT takes time, but boy does it pay off.

SO this morning i was dreaming of making healthy i came up with these gluten free Oatmeal pancakes with chia tea and over easy eggs...
Tonight turkey chili with corn muffins for AL and the hubby (i don;t eat i will find something else for me to eat :-))

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Orange anyone?

Spent the day with Alex...being goofy as usual...Also decided we needed to take the Christmas tree down and put some normalcy back into the house...whatever that is..LOL. The weather in Chicago has been soo mild, it has given me a chance to hang outside without running from the car to the house in the bat of an eye. Check out some of the shots we did today...after a little shopping!
Coat (J. Crew)

Booties (Christian Louboutin)

Shirt (Zara), Jeans (The Limited)

Just Me!

Bag (Gucci)

Did someone say....Ornaments????

The weekend was a busy one for me...well most of my weekends are, but this one especially. I was up early both days running to the suburbs...then this is the weekend that my mother does her annual ornament exchange party. The kids have so much fun stealing eveyone's ornaments..then opening more presents...yes..more presensts! It's kind of Christmas twice! is a great way to extend the holiday til back to reality!

Ornament Tree

My shoes for the party!

If you follow Karla's Closet..i had to have these shoes (bought them last summer)

A few of the ornaments exchanged

How cute???

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fun in the Park

To start the new year off....on NYE..Alex and i started the day off at brunch..laughing as usual. We then hopped in the car off to do a little shopping..on the way to the mall i became distracted by the warm temperature (50 degrees in Chicago is warm for December)...SO...i pulled the car over and decided we must go and play in the park..and swing on the swing sets. Yes you heard me correctly...PLAY in the park. ..check out the pics...
My motto: LIVE, LAUGH and all of these things often...
Running and sooo freeing!

Being her silly self!

Be careful it is a little muddy! (sweater (forever 21, boots- UGG)

My first pair of FLAT boots!



Budda boots

Shirt (Zara)

Coat (Moschino)

I can clown around too!

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone is ready to begin the new year with a bang!!! Welcome 2012....I am sooooo excited to begin the new year..why you say??? Because it will be something new...something fresh...a way to get rid of the old and make new lists of plans and things to do...SO here is something a little new coming to the blog: food! I want to incorporate ALL the  things i love (shopping, fashion, food and being healthy). Being beautiful for me means being a well round i am going to do a fashion post, a food post and something in regards to health...rather it be exercise or something related.

Here's to something new....Happinees, Health and Prosperity to all!