Thursday, July 28, 2011


Ok- i did it again, i have neglected my blog due to my busy/hectic (in a good way) schedule. I am soooo sorry! Like i said before i have been working out and i haven't gotten the hang of taking the pictures in the morning before i rush off to work... also my photographer (Alex) was gone for a week.

So enough excuses...I want to tell you all about what i have been up to... I run on Mondays and the ipod (such a great thing), Tuesdays i do a class called treadit (where you run on the treadmill up and down hills (brutal), Wed i rest, Thursday- spinning class (my bum still hurts..i had to buy padded shorts), Friday- Tabata...looks easy but my legs feel it for at least 2 days after....

I am really loving the work routine i have gotten  energy is way up and i feel great! Well all i have an early...i mean early day tomorrow (6:45 am) i am off to bed. Have a wonderful night.


  1. Good for you! I can so relate about blog neglecting but unfortunately I haven't even had the time to work out. You're inspiring me :)

    Oh and my Mom's bday is the 15th. So many wonderful people have July bdays :) xoxo

  2. @ Alternative Wife...July birthdays are the BEST!!! i belive July birthday people are so warm and kind...just generally "nice" people! Glad to hear that i am inspiring you...i am seeing some good results..which continue to inspire me..."i believe you have to make time for yourself"...

    @Yuliya...I have just begun, because my daughter Alex is a runner...and i wanted to be supportive. I actual find's not as bad as i thought it would be :-)