Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shoes anyone????

Did i says shoes? Well of course i did...if you have been following me, then you can tell i have a LOVE for shoes!!! I feel that some days you may feel a little bloated...but not my feet.... a little sad...but not my feet....a little heavier...but not my feet! Get where i am going here....
Sometimes when you clothes shop things don't always go as planned...due to how you are feeling. Well guess what i feel your feet never change (unless you are shopping at the end of the day...bad idea). Any who...i have been having days like that so i decided to shoe feet haven't changed size (i A girls has got to have her confidence in some until my new pilates class it is! Tell me what you think....

Shoes (Jessica Simpson)

Shoes (Steve Madden)

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