Thursday, September 13, 2012

A little fur...

As you know i have had some sporatic moments blogging as of late... Well have been dealing with an alining cat (Mr. Meisha) who unfortunately passed away on Tuesday. Today's blog is dedicated to him... Meisha was born in 1994. He and i have been inseparable ever since we laid eyes on each other. He was given to me as gift fro completing nursing school. My first adult pet.

He has been through every move, every relationship, every illness, sad days and good days. We had a wonderful bond! He was my true "buddy"...never a scratch, hiss or bite..he truly was a one of a kind cat. How i will miss cuddling with you in the evening, morning,,,whenever. Our morning rituals of milk and treats..then off to the shower where you would wait for me and watch me get ready for the day. Your cute face running to meet me when i return from work. I will cherish every moment we shared...Meisha, thank-you for showing me unconditional LOVE.

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