Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a little shopping pick me up!

Hi ladies-
Things have been super busy...but i vow to make more time to blog! Trying to figure out what exactly i want my blog to be...thoughts??
Well i love fashion and being healthy...I want to figure out a way to incorporate the two. I would also like the blog to be inspirational to other women..without being over bearing..

Where did all this come from ask??? I was reading a post by Dulce Candy on Instagram...and all of the comments from readers were so negative. Her post was simple one "Father day came a little late" with a photos of her car pulling a boat..many people said such hateful things to this small post. Talking about her making others jealous because of all the "things' she has....this went on...and...on for over 300 comments...

So this made me ask..what are we as people hard on others? Why can't we find inspiration in everything and be happy for others?

I look to other blogs for new treats..and just to see new things...
Here are a few new things i purchased...I'll see what new outfits will come from these.

YSL wooden heel strappy heel

Zara- color blocking

Nude Jessica Simpson

Fushia suede Dolce Vita high heeled loafer!

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