Sunday, April 8, 2012

The woman that lived in her shoes....

SO i decided that the section of my closet with my heels needed to be re-evaluated. By re-evaluated, i mean i need to see what i have and if i really want to keep it all. So i began my little task...and low and behold i realized i have a ton of heels!!!! So i figured i have to get rid of some of them to make room for all the NEW summer heels that i will want. Funny thing while going through my shoes, Alex came across a brand new pair of shoes, but in the contained 2 right shoes!!!! Yes you heard me correctly....2 right shoes. I am so bummed because these are summer shoes that i couldn't wait to wear...but now i have to take them back...and hope they shave the left shoe...

However, i got rid of 30 pair of heels today!!!! Feels good, i have more space in the closet!!!
Hope everyone enjoyed their Sat...

My sea of shoes...


  1. Wow! I know how you feel. I'm currently cleaning out my closet and I'm just amazed at all the stuff I didn't remember I had!


  2. Great title! And so proud of you for cutting thirty pair!!

  3. Oh wow, what a shoe collection!