Sunday, January 15, 2012

I went a little overboard......

So, my little problem is ...SHOES!!!!! I love accessories and shoes are apart of that group. So i went for a little stroll in the cold to see what shoes i could find. Low and behold i found A LOT! I am currently trying to tone up a little and possibly lose a few pounds so i wont let myself buy any clothes..just yet, so i have to amuse myself with other things... Take a look at my new lovelies and tell me your thoughts...

Zara cap toe...LOVE this!

Sam Edelma- HOT!!!

Boutique 9-very comfortable, can't wait for warm weather

Boutique 9- love this heel

Report- funky shoe

Found this bag at Franchesca's


  1. Oh you naughty girl ... love the boutique 9 shoes!

  2. Brilliant blog!!! Fantastic post! You're pretty fantastic! :-) Have a great week!

  3. Y- I know...but i had more..i had to put back!!! LOL
    @White list-thanks! Have wonderful weekend!