Saturday, May 14, 2011

oh la la

{ guest post and photos by yvette of yffoto }

After picking up tickets to the Oprah Show Surprise Spectacular {yes we got them!} we hit the French Market for a bite to eat, some girl chat and a few photos.
{ classy & casual }

{ chocolate tea cup from Vanille }

{ this is the silly girl I know - I think Al might be embarrassed of her mother  - tee hee }

{ Open toe shoes even if it is 49 degrees outside - form over function, always }

{ handmade at 1154 Lill Studio }
We had a great time till I was scolded by the security guard - not once, but TWICE for taking photos.  I even went and spoke to a management guy who said it was OK.  The third time he came by he said something like "Oh and by the way I understand why you would want to take photos of your friend, she's beautiful." and walked off with a big 'ol grin.  Ahhh Chicago!


  1. Perfect, elegant and chic as always!!!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. I thank my lovely friend Yvette for this great post and photos! She is a fabulous photographer! Beeps my dear!!